C+R Packers
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30 years


With 30 years behind us we
understand what it takes to stay
at the leading edge of our industry…
an uncompromising love for what
we do and for our customers
success journey.



We are one of New Zealand’s
largest independent
manufacturers of our kind;
developing and manufacturing
a wide range of high profile
products for well known
companies. Chances are you’ll
find at least one of our products
in your own home.



From Lab to Label – we can either
work with your formulation or
develop unique products from
scratch for you. Your formulations
remain in strictest confidence
and NDA’s are common place.

Looking to create your project
with us?

Talk to our New Business
Development team.

Household & Personal Care Formulations – including Eco Friendly Formulations:

Household:  Floor cleaner, Dishwash, Furniture Polish, Carpet Cleaner, Car Wash, Car Polish, Spot Removers, Bathroom Cleaners, Surface Cleaning Sprays, Sugar Soaps ….and more.


Personal Care:  Hand Sanitiser, Antibacterial Soaps, Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodywash, Bubble Bath….and more.

C&R manufactures housebrands for the supermarket sector and high profile household cleaning and personal care products for independent businesses and large international corporates.

When you work with customers of this size and calibre you need to ensure speed, quality and cost effectiveness. This can only be achieved with the right plant, equipment, processes and a passionate team who truly care about what they do!

Find out why many of our customers have stayed with us for decades.


C&R are ISO and WQA certified; this requires a significant commitment of time and resources to maintain – and something we are very proud of.

We have a number of production lines dedicated to the Household Cleaning and Personal Care products. With multi-head fillers and automated labelling and packing equipment, we are well placed to provide R&D and Manufacturing services for any existing or new products in your range.



Stability Testing

Quality Testing


Production Runs

Full Manufacture



Tamper Seals

Batch Coding

We can also assist with sourcing Packaging
and advice around Supply Chain.